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"Strangers a Little Less" Book & Postcard Pack - Revisiting “Delivering Views”

"Strangers a Little Less" Book & Postcard Pack - Revisiting “Delivering Views”

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"Strangers a Little Less" by Marilena Zackheos and Nicos Philippou - Revisiting “Delivering Views”

The ongoing project “Delivering Views - Delivering Text” of the Cultural Centre Phaneromenis 70 is based on the exchange of images and texts focused on Nicosia and Cyprus. In recent years, the center has been collecting images and texts “donated” by travelers to Cyprus, which help reinterpret our home country through an “outsider's gaze". The archive is periodically delivered to curators, intellectuals or artists, who respond to the collection with exhibitions, essays and publications. Our ambition is to stimulate the senses, emotions and thought through the circulation of images and texts, so as to start a new conversation on things we often miss or do not register. As a part of this wider project Marilena Zackheos and Nicos Philippou were invited to “read” and provide a "meta-analysis" of the project's general concept and ideas. In this book, they offer a reflection on the material originally generated by visitors Janan Alexandra, Lida Roumani, Brigitte Walk, Eva Boy and Evi Hajipieri & friends.

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