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Burnt Waters - Kyriaki Costa

Burnt Waters - Kyriaki Costa

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A response to Carlos Funetes' "Burnt Waters" by the artist Kyriaki Costa.

"I have always been interested in water and in flows of water. On seeing ‘Burnt Waters’ by Carlos Fuentes I picked it up on instinct, and was taken by surprise. Composed of a series of Janus faced stories of tragedy and loss, haunted by specters of the past, Burnt Waters narrates the deaths and rebirths of Mexico City - much like the phoenix rising from its ashes. I spent a long time with Fuentes’ writing, collecting things that related to ‘liquid’ and ‘movement’. 

The following short stories play on these notions of flow, continuity and change.  Functioning as an abstract epistolary narrative - the words in ‘Burnt Waters’ that relate to the liquid element have been reborn as new liquid fictions. "
-Kyriaki Costa  

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