Collection: Pelekis | Hoodies, Tops and T-shirts

Our clothes are made in collaboration with the wonderful clothes designers group Pelekis.

The group has taken its name from the word “πελεκυς” which means axe in Gree. The word holds many symbolisms from ancient Greek mythology. The axe has a votive character and is connected with the symbol of lightning. The group is composed of cypriot artists who created this team in their early university years and have been collaborating since then with Phaneromenis 70 for different projects with the theme of “cypriotness” always at the core.

“Cypriotness” is a newly coined word which describes and gives meaning to the cypriot culture and character. It is very important for this term to survive; since the Republic of Cyprus is a young state not even a century old, it needs to build its own character through its roots to enforce the esteem of the Cypriot people.

Pelekis have created the t-shirts, bags, postcards and notebooks that we have in display at the shop. They have also collaborated with university students from the European Cyprus University under the curation of Phaneromenis 70 to participate in the Cypriot art contest “Κυπριακά και Καλύτερα”; proudly winning four prizes for “cypriotness”.